Slavery is a peculiar institution




Slavery is a peculiar institution. These regimes and practices over the centuries have plagued history. Throughout time, slaves have always been at some point forced to do anything from farm to cooking to sleeping with the master. Many countries have come up with different forms of slavery. Some of these practices date back to ancient Africa, while others have more modern origins after the industrial revolution. Regardless of the era, these different ways of forcing people into servitude have all had one thing in common.
The United States of America is not the only country in the world that was involved in the practice of slavery. From Ancient Greece and Rome to India and China, slavery has existed and continues to do so up to this day. Many people, and especially Americans, think that slavery was a phenomenon that happened in America, and we were the only country that allowed African slavery while we were the freest countries doing it. However, it was not like that at all! Out of the 14 countries in Africa.


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